Rock Climb

Looks like Pack 900 had a great time at the indoor rock climb.  Thank you Paula and Maria for the photos.


Webelos Camp in Lake Texoma.
From the stories I was told it was very hot.  The boys had a great time.  Again I hope that it was ok to share the photos.

Cub Camp 2012 was a great success.   I wasn't able to attend so I hope that the person I got the photos from didn't mind.


2012 Summer Hike

In the first week of June we had our Summer Hike @ Arbor Hills in Plano.
The Scouts got to see lots of birds, a huge bull frog, Some track where deer possibly laid,

The ground was so dry from lack of rain we got to see a little baby frog had made his house in the crack of the trail we walked.  A couple of the boys saw some cool looking spiders.  After the hike we enjoyed Orange strawberry smoothies, and donuts.  Then the boys took part in some Scout games.